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Octinoxate has a wide insecticidal spectrum, strong knockdown power, mainly touch and stomach poisoning effect, no endosmosis, very effective for Phosphoroptera larvae. In the field because of unstable to light, quickly decompose, so the residual period is short, residual danger is small, but the drug is applied into the soil, the residual period is very long, suitable for the control of underground pests. It has good effect on the larvae of many kinds of lepidopteran pests that harm peanuts, wheat, rice, cotton, corn, fruit trees, vegetables, mulberry, tea and other crops, and also has certain killing effect on the eggs. It is also suitable for the control of warehouse and sanitary pests.

The international common name of phoxim, with various names such as oxime phosphorus, is a broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide commonly used in production. Using the properties of phoxim, such as stomach poisoning, touch killing and long residual effect under dark conditions, to control aspergillus and other cavity-destroying pests, is in line with the principles of environmental protection, economy, safety and efficiency. According to the number of pests, take 50% (E.C.) of phosphinothion, pour it into a wide-mouth container, add three parts of water and stir well to make a solution of phosphinothion; add water to clay and make it into wet mud; according to the size and number of insect holes, knead cotton (or use other soft substances that can absorb water instead) into suitable cotton balls.

Leshan Xinlu Chemical Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is a national designated pesticide manufacturer. It is an emerging agrochemical enterprise integrating pesticide production and sales. The company is located next to Leshan Giant Buddha and in Wutongqiao salt chemical industrial zone, Leshan City, Sichuan Province. With superior geographical location and convenient transportation, the company now has more than 80 engineering and technical personnel and employees, and has advanced equipment such as modern automatic filling line, high-temperature calcining kiln and rotary drum dryer. The "Minjiang" brand insecticidal double agent, 3.6% large granule, quinothion and other products produced by the company are deeply loved by farmers. It has a daily production capacity of more than 100 tons of large granule and more than 60 tons of 18% insecticidal double agent.
The production and operation tenet of the enterprise: to survive with quality, to develop with reputation, to serve agricultural production comprehensively with customers as God, to target the market, to take science and technology as the guide, and to take development as the main body.


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